Sometimes, one picture is not enough at all. Our solution for this is moving GIFs.

In this photo solution, we capture 8 fun frames within two seconds and play them one after another. The result is an emotional and energetic GIF that can be downloaded or sent via email. Additionally, there is an option to print the best frame on-site.

After the event, we send all the created GIFs as a separate web gallery. For this solution, a solid color background works best. Additionally, upon the client's request, animation can be added as an extra layer to the file - for example, snowfall for Christmas or ocean waves for a summer party.

Since creating GIFs involves active movement of the participants, it's ideal to have at least a 3x3-meter space for the GIF. However, since there is no fixed structure for this solution - everything is movable - we can fit into a somewhat smaller area as well.

Liikuv GIF fotolahendus

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