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Caleidoscope is an event photo solution that you won't find elsewhere!

The word comes from the Greek words "kalos" (meaning beautiful), "eïdos" (meaning form), and "skopeïn" (meaning to look). Pay attention to the first one, as the photos that come out of this indeed turn out beautiful. It will also surely remind you of the same-named toy from childhood.

With the help of three large triangular mirrored walls placed inside, a symmetrical pattern is created, which provides laughter and amazement. With the collaboration of a professional photographer, uplifting and striking pictures are guaranteed. Comfortably, up to 4 guests can fit in for a photoshoot at once, but with a little arrangement, even more can be accommodated.

The interior and exterior design of the caleidoscope can be branded to suit your needs.

The caleidoscope requires a floor area of 3x5 meters and has a height of 2.7 meters.


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