Exciting photo solutions!

In addition to the photo booths and the magic mirror, there are many other solutions that we offer. Below is a brief preview of the photo and video solutions tha you can rent from us.

There are dozens of custom solutions we have helped to create and just as much we are looking forward to!


Enter a new world of dimensions! An eye catching and fun experience for any guest. Capture every angle in a single shot. It can comfortably fit 3-4 people.

Upside down room

We build an entire small separate room where the pictures taken ignore gravity. The result would be of course, serious mind-bending photos that would set people agape with your new found ‘superpowers’ of being able to defy gravity.

Vogue booth

Be the glamorous you! Strike a pose in this Light tunnel Photo booth.

Photo mosaic

Photo mosaic shows how important every little piece is in the bigger picture.

GIF booth

A GIF is a series of photos captured really quickly, mashed together, then played forwards and backwards.

Slow-motion video

Our slow-motion video solution captures life 500 frames per second!

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