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Polaroidkaamera rent

The charm of Polaroid cameras lies in their simplicity. Click, and the photo is on paper!

We offer for rent either individually or as a set up to ten Fuji Instax Mini instant cameras in various colors.

Fuji Polaroid cameras have maintained authenticity, simplicity, and the already classic photo-film-like quality over the years. Using these cameras is incredibly easy - simply turn the device on, select the right mode, and take awesome photos! Credit card-sized snapshots are instantly developed on paper.

These cameras bring smiles to faces and are perfect for weddings, corporate events, and birthdays. Or why not just capture fun moments with friends?

When renting, don't forget to purchase film! You can buy them from us or elsewhere.


  • One camera, 1-2 days:
    9 euros per day

  • One camera, 3+ days:
    8 euros per day

  • Fuji Instax Mini film, 10 shots:
    13.5 euros

  • Three cameras, 1-2 days:
    24 euros per day

  • Three cameras, 3+ days:
    20 euros per day

  • Delivery via parcel terminal:
    6 euros

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  • +372 56 56 26 76
Our cool Insta-cameras are generally located in Tallinn, Nõmme, but can travel to places as far as parcel machines or couriers can go to!

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