Upside down photo room

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If you've ever wished to defy gravity, then the upside-down photo room is your chance!

With this solution, we create a completely separate space where the photos taken give the impression of defying gravity. With the photographer's assistance, the subject can walk on the room's walls and even lie on the ceiling. Only your imagination sets the limits. The room can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people at a time, but with good cooperation, even a few more.

The room's walls and furniture can be customized in any way the customer desires. A sample design will be created based on your description by our designer.

Since this is a substantial photo solution, the space should be spacious and easily accessible - setting up the upside-down photo room requires at least 2.9x2.9m of floor space and enough room in front for both the photographer and guests to move around.

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